GMP Restores power to 22,000 affected by heavy snow overnight

30 December 2013

Remaining 500 expected to have power by midnight
COLCHESTER, Vt. - Green Mountain Power crews have restored power to all but 500 of more than 22,000 customers who lost power during last night’s heavy wet snow that brought trees and limbs crashing down on power lines in southeastern Vermont.  The company expects to restore power to the remaining customers by midnight.  GMP was assisted by more than 130 contract line workers.

“Before the storm hit we were able to send many crews to the areas that were forecast to be most heavily affected,” said Dorothy Schnure, Green Mountain Power spokesperson. “Crews were able to get to work as soon as the first outages occurred, and stayed on the job overnight. This morning we had contractors on the scene to provide reinforcements.”  

Sunday night’s storm hit in the wake of an ice storm that caused more than 40,000 outages in northwestern Vermont before Christmas.  “We are continuing to see some repeated outages due to the ice remaining on the trees in the north, but we are able to keep up with them as they happen,” said Schnure.

Customers may report outages by calling 1-888-835-4672, visiting GMP’s Outage Center page at www.greenmountainpower.com or mobile enhanced at m.greenmountainpower.com, or by clicking the “Power Out?” button on GMP’s Facebook site.


About Green Mountain Power
Green Mountain Power (www.greenmountainpower.com) generates, transmits, distributes and sells electricity in the state of Vermont. The company, which was named 2013 Utility of the Year by the Solar Electric Power Association, serves more than 250,000 customers, has set its vision to be the best small company in America. 

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