12 July 2007

 COLCHESTER, VT... Green Mountain Power's new program to assist low-income customers begins today. Under a three-year pilot program developed in cooperation with AARP Vermont and approved by the Vermont Public Service Board, Green Mountain Power will provide a 10 percent discount on monthly energy charges to eligible low-income customers.

"We're pleased that we can help our customers who struggle the hardest to pay their bills, and at the same time we expect the pilot program will help us learn more about the needs of the low-income community as a whole," said Chris Dutton, Green Mountain Power president and chief executive officer.

Under the pilot program, which is called the Energy Support Credit program, Green Mountain Power will provide a 10 percent discount for participating low-income customers, who will also be protected from disconnection when the weather is expected to be below freezing. The Energy Support Credit program is available to customers whose annual household income is at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Eligibility varies by size of family, but would typically include a family of four with an income of $41,300. The program will run for three years, or until the $1 million set aside for the program runs out.

Customers who believe they may be eligible for the program should contact their local Community Action Agency.

Green Mountain Power (www.greenmountainpower.biz) is an electric utility owned by Northern New England Energy Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gaz M¿tro, a leading Qu¿bec energy company with a long history of investment in Vermont. Green Mountain Power transmits, distributes and sells electricity and utility construction services in the State of Vermont in a service territory with approximately one quarter of Vermont's population. It serves approximately 90,000 customers. 

 For further information, please contact Dorothy Schnure, Green Mountain Power Manager of Corporate Communications, at 802-655-8418.