07 March 2007

 COLCHESTER, VT . . . Green Mountain Power Corporation (NYSE:GMP) announced today that only two percent of its fuel mix for 2006 was from carbon dioxide emitting sources, compared to a national average of nearly 70 percent from emitting sources, according to the Energy Information Administration. More than half of Green Mountain Power's sources came from water, wood or wind.

"We have consistently worked to reduce emissions at Green Mountain Power, both in our operations and in the fuels we use to supply our customers with electricity," said Christopher L. Dutton, president and chief executive officer of Green Mountain Power. "In 2006, we achieved the lowest proportion of emission-producing fuels that we've had in decades. We were able to take advantage of additional hydro power resources from Hydro Quebec and we experienced near record-breaking production at our own hydro facilities, which helped reduce the use of fossil fuels," he added. Green Mountain Power uses no coal and in 2006 sold more power into the New England market than it purchased.

Green Mountain Power owns and operates eight hydroelectric plants in Vermont. Hydro generation in 2006 was 30 percent greater than the 20-year average, with several plants recording the highest annual generation in 31 years of record. Overall production was the third highest total in 31 years of record, producing 161,937 megawatt hours. At a 2006 cost of 3.6 cents per kilowatt hour, Green Mountain Power's own hydro generation is its second lowest cost source. Power generated at Green Mountain Power's wind generating station is its lowest cost source, at 3.1 cents per kilowatt hour.

"With the world focused on how to combat global climate change, we are proud that this year our carbon footprint is so small," said Mr. Dutton. "Our challenge in the future will be how to keep our emissions low as we replace the contracts for power from Vermont Yankee and Hydro Quebec, which expire in 2012 and 2015, respectively."

The complete breakdown of Green Mountain Power's fuel mix in 2006 is: hydro 50.4%, nuclear 43%, wood 4.3%, oil/natural gas 2.2%, and wind 0.1%. Water, wood and wind together produced 55 percent of the total. (Renewable Energy Credits, or RECs, were sold for a portion of the energy generated at Green Mountain Power's wind facility in Searsburg. Energy associated with the RECs sold is not claimed as wind and is 0.5% of the total energy in 2006.)

Green Mountain Power Corporation (www.greenmountainpower.biz) is a Vermont-based energy services company serving 90,000 electric customers. 

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